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A collection of West African harps and xylophones recorded in Ghana, containing:

  • Seperewa - a 10-string box harp
  • Kora - a 22-string harp with a calabash body
  • Kamele ngoni - a 14-string harp similar to the kora
  • Kafonu - a newly invented 10-string instrument
  • Balafon - a large pentatonic xylophone with gourd resonators
  • Small xylophone - like the balafon, but smaller

We went for color and character more than consistency with this library, and this is especially audible in the spirited tremolos. Most of the instruments were played and made by Don Afero, and if you want to purchase not samples but the real instrument, you can find him at

Nanfo means friends in Akan. The demos are a European waltz and an African hip-hop track with beat and vocals by Pj Daauthor, who recorded all these instruments - so this sample library is definitely not limited to only one style.

Over 1800 samples and 1.3 GB.